Thursday, April 2, 2009

FREE (After Rebate) Staples Computer Paper

Go to Coupon Savings Game to see how you can get 8 reams of paper at Staples for FREE - go Here! Call your local Staples to see if they still have the paper before you go.


Hope said...

You may want to call your Staples before you go, to see if they have any of this discontinued paper left. My Staples did not have any.

shelliemonster said...

This paper is not discontinued in the Richmond VA metro area. It is however a B&M store item only. I bought $15 reams the other day, and with a $25/$100 office depot coupon (they take competitor coupons) the paper was a money maker for me!

15 x 6.99= 104.85
+ $5.24 tax = $110.09
-$25 = $85.09 - $89.85 rebate= +$4.76!!

Anonymous said...

I did this yesterday. What a fabulous deal! Thanks!

Kelly_9843 said...

I take it you are only sending in one rebate and reciept. That way you can use the other coupon. Is this true?

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Yes, it appears just one.