Friday, April 3, 2009

How Do You Make Your Coupon Envelopes?

I am getting this question a lot. I am more than happy to share what I did.
I wish I had step by step pictures, but hopefully my words will explain enough.

Directions for the Envelopes
1) Get Legal Size Envelopes (Walgreens often has a pack of 250 for $.99 in their sales. You want the larger size envelope because some coupons are longer - especially printables or ones that come at the bottom of receipts.

2) I bought scrapbook letters that were in the clearance section. I bought mine (two packs) at Joane's in the clearance section for $.79 a pack. You could also go to the dollar section of your store.

3) I chose a different color background for each store. On the envelope, I placed a rectangle of the color (used glue to paste it down) and a small square on the back in case the envelope was upside down - this way you can identify the store envelope from either side.

4) I started with the middle letter in the center of the envelope and worked my way out. For example, for CVS - V is the middle letter. I placed this letter first (V) and then added the C before and the S after. This allows my words to be centerd (old teacher trick.)
5) Once everything was laid down and secure, I brought my envelopes to Kinkos to be laminated. To laminate - laminate the envelope OPEN. Once laminated, use an exacto knife to cut open the triangle shaped opening on the back. This allows more surface area to be laminated and keeps a small opening (pocket) for your coupons. I personally feel (even laminated) these envelopes can fall apart quick - thus I recommend you laminate them so they stay in better shape longer.

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Hi God, It's Me Again... said...

Thanks for the how-to! I love your coupons are a complete mess right now!!

Alisa said...

Thanks so much!!

kebsdw said...

Thank You for the explanation. Although it may be a simple idea for you .. the explanation gave me the "know how." I'm going to make some right now! Thanks Stacey