Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still Working on Emails/Comments

Boy was a sucessful today - 143 comments/emails reduced to just 17!
However, it is time to hit the pillow for me and little baby (in the belly.)
Sorry If I did not get yours. I will work some more on getting to your great deals, comments, and questions tomorrow.


bill said...

ok got a question
if your accordian file has 5 store categoreis and 7 other categories, then when you cut out the coupons do you place them in 1 of the 7 other categories or do they go directly to a store category??
if they go into 1 of the 7 other categories, when do they get put into a store category?
I seem to be missing something.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

The only things in my store category are my envelopes and store coupons.
For example my CVS category has my ECBs, any CVS store coupons, my CVS envelope, and the coupons that match the sales this week.
In the beauty category are all the beauty coupons available for when a store sale needs them some week.