Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome WTXL and WCTV Readers

"Hot Dawg, how'd you do that?" This was a favorite phrase I have heard from someone who has seen me in action in the grocery store. This man's follow-up phrase was "can you teach my wife?" Absolutely. I am a teacher!
While there are a lot of skeptics out there, I want to address the reason for this website - my sole purpose for this blog is to HELP you and your family save money too (because who cannot afford to save money now a day and everyday!) If you are not sold, give a try. I challenge you for a week, two or three to try out some of these shopping list yourself. If you don't find it right for you, that is okay - stay with your own system, if it works, well then welcome to the lifestyle of couponing.
1) If you don't need it, don't buy it.
2) During a sale - If you don't have the coupon, don't buy it (unless you need it.)
3) Donate, donate, donate - there are a lot of families in need today. If you have a gift (you understand the art of couponing) and you are able to get things for EXTREMELY cheap, why not spend a little of that extra money to help someone else out. I donate MORE today than I did years before when I was shelling out large bucks to help out others.
Here are some useful links you might find necessary to learn how to coupon.
Crayon Wallet Giveaway (Tuesday is the last day to enter)
Welcome to Frugal Coupon Living - I am happy to help you save.
Thank you, Lauren Dorsett and Stephanie Salvatore for your great work in spreading the word about saving.


lostsanity said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My local news had run other coupon mom type stories but I never had the time. I saw you on dr.phil and I decided to lookup your website. Oh boy! I wish I had started using coupons long ago. In the month of april I have saved my family over $400! To those that ask, my husband included, no I did not spend a lot of money to save $400. I already have a big bag of things to donate and our closet is starting to get pretty full - all in one month! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! To those that doubt, try it! I've already started teaching those around me what little I know. Today I told a cashier at walgreens about a great deal at albertsons and then I saw her there - lol.
Thank you again and god bless,

Anonymous said...

Here is my 77% off deal for today. By following your advice, I have been checking out store displays for free coupon books, etc. Picked up a few for organic foods at a local Kroger. Have my handy coupon stash - all organized a la Ashley - in the car. Found myself in Kroger, walked by natural food section to see about bargains. Saw a display for a 2 pack of Cascadian Farms cereal at the price of $4/2 - half price. Even better, there was a peelie for a free box of Cascadian farms bars. AND even better than that, I had coupons picked up from that booklet mentioned above for $1/2. Total spent for 2 boxes of cereal and box of bars retailing for $13.50 (as though I would buy granola bars for $5, by the way) was ....$1.50. And, the cashier was as excited as I was! With hungry young folks in the house and a church food pantry in need of donations, I repeated the 77% savings deal.
Thanks for all your hard work - and, if anyone reading this doubts it can be done, just think again. While I try to stick to my list, I now only buy what is on sale and has a coupon; have been able to restock my pantry (so I spent a bit extra this month to do that) and have increased my donations to our food bank at church. My goal for this month is to put those dollars in the bank. April savings >$400.