Monday, May 11, 2009


Found in the Comments Section: Claire from Kraft Foods let us know there was trouble this am and they have now resolved the issue.
There are some AMAZING Kraft coupons found in two places. DO NOT WAIT to print these coupons, they do not come out often and when they do they can go rather fast.
First Way - Join the Kraft Community - login/register, click on the coupons tab in the upper middle of their site.

Second Way -
Print as MANY as you can!

Click Here


Anonymous said...

Thank you! With the sales my local grocery store is having, I will be able to get many free items this week.

Anna S. said...

I was able to print from only once. When I was trying to print the second tine new coupons it sad "the print limit reached", however i did not print them second time. Then I went to website, log in. Clicked coupon on the top. Than it sad "get coupons", I clicked and it threw me on the first page. I was trying to do it several times but it did not work for me. I am so upset at this point because it really good coupons.

Anna S. said...

Is anyone having problem printing coupons from Kraft website?

veronica said...

Yes I'm havin problems too printing from the Kraft website. They won't print

Lauren said...

Yes, it shows me to be signed in, but then it tells me I must be registered to print the coupons, is there a difference?

Lauren said...

Apparently persistence is required. There is probably a great deal of traffic to the Kraft Foods website today.

On my seventh visit to the site, I was finally granted access to the coupon selection pages. I printed twice by using the back button. More times may be possible, but I did not try.

Keep trying the website if you're having trouble!

Claire_from_Kraft said...

We’d like to apologize for the difficulties you encountered this morning – we had a brief issue with our website registration pages and have now resolved the problem. We invite you to visit again to print your coupons. Thank you for voicing your concerns!

Kraft Foods

mommydearest1863 said...

I was able to print them twice from each site,coupons .com this morning like at 5:00am and the Kraft ones just now.. for Lauren you first must register and then sing up...I hope you get them they really good coupons...I had a rain check for a few weeks now from bi-lo's for Oscar Mayers bologna that now I'm going to get almost free :)

Meagan Akers said...

how long do these coupons usually stick around? My daughter spilled water all over my printer and it is ruined...I ordered a new one but it won't be here for 5 more days. I was wondering if I should go to my Moms or the library tomorrow to get these coupons. I would be really mad at myself if I missed out!