Friday, May 8, 2009

KFC - FREE Grilled Chicken Coupon Update

President of KFC speaks out about KFC FREE Grilled Chicken Meal Coupon.

If the video is not working...go Here.


Marcia said...

How can they be surprised by the number of people wanting a free meal in this economy? I was only able to print 3 coupons and now I have to send them in to get a raincheck :(

oravets4 said...

Me too. I never got to get the meal before it ran out. Tried last night and there was a sign on the door with the form to fill out. How did they not think they would get a huge response?

Anonymous said...

We went in yesterday at lunch and there was no line and did not have a problem redeeming all four of them at once. I had no idea there was the wait and frustrations that were mentioned on the news. At least they are giving a raincheck (w/a drink too!)rather than not doing anything about it. Personally, we did not care for the chicken but it was free so we can't complain!