Friday, May 8, 2009

Stamp Out Hunger

Stamp Out Hunger: Saturday, May 9 the National Association of Letter Carriers will be hosting Stamp Out Hunger day. Put a bag of non-perishable items by your mailbox and your postal carrier will deliver them to local food banks. This is a great time to go through your stockpile. More details Here.


Speaking of Stamps: Stamps are going up in price on May 11 - from $.42 - $.44. Make sure to go buy your Forever stamps as they will change in value when the price of stamps goes up - meaning you will not have to add a $.02 stamp with the Forever stamp when prices change.
Want to Print Stamps From Home? Try

1) On the right side of their homepage, they have a Special Offer ($80) value. During your first 4 week trial you will get a scale, $5 in postage and a $5 supply kit. (Yes, the offer reads $25 in postage. The other $20 is $10 for each additional month that you pay.) FYI - Use the promo code use CJ2009, LI2007, or COUPONWINNER for FREE shipping.
2) When your postage package arrives, you are going to download the software to print your $5 in stamps. It was very simple.
3) That easy, no cost to you.
Now remember this is a month long trial. If you enjoy printing stamps from home, keep the program and pay the montly fee (around $15?) If this option was not convenient to you, call to cancel your membership.
When I started my trial, I made sure to mark in at least two places a reminder to cancel my membership. You can mark the calender in your cell phone to send you a reminder, your wall calender or your day planner. If I sign up December 14, I need to cancel by January 13. (I always cancel a few days ahead like Janurary 10th.) When I did this offer, I called to cancel my trial, 4 days before it ended. I told them that the Post Office was arround the corner and I wasn't utilizing the service enough to pay the monthly fee. They told me they wanted me to stay on board and said they would give me another 4 week trial period and my next $10 in stamps (fyi - the next $10 did not come through

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Unfortunately, none of the promo codes worked for me.