Friday, June 12, 2009

Amazon - $4.95 Buffalo Tool Door and Window Alarm Set

This deal looked great to me. You could put this alarm on a cabinet full of cleaning products, a room the baby/child is not supposed to go into, or even on the back or front entry doors (great for pool and summer safety.)
Retail $65.
Sale Price $4.95
Savings 92%
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Thanks, Swaggraber for the heads up.

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pennyscents said...

I have a son that sleep walks, so we bring one of these with us if we are staying at a hotel. He slept walked out of the room once! We have an alarm at home, so I don't have to worry about it then. Anyway, I would look at Target for these. I found a 3 pack of these in the dollar spot at Target a while back. I know it wasn't one of the $1 items. At my Target they will put $2 and $3 items in the same area. I know that I did not pay more than $5. I think it was even less than that) for the 3 pack.