Friday, June 12, 2009

LAST DAY - Vista Print - 500 Business Cards for $1.99 (plus S&H)


It is back...Vista Print has their business card offer -buy 250 cards for $1.99 (plus s&h), get 250 more for FREE!
I have bought from Vista Print probalby around 6 times and never had a problem. I get a lot of stationary items from them. I have ordered busienss cards from them 4 times (twice with this very offer.) I have used my business cards not only for my website but also as gift tags. I REALLY have loved Vista Print - in fact I sent out a thank you note today withe their stationary.
Other things you can do with business cards are as follows:
Gift Enclosure Cards
Tutoring Services
Babysitting Services
Pet Sitter Services
Moms Calling Cards - pass them out to the mom's of your children's new playmates (better than paper and pen)
Blog/Website Information
Leave the card in the restaurant bowls that have drawings for FREE lunches
Small/Large/Home Business
Nanny Services
Cleaning Services
Please note: a couple readers said they were charged with a trial offer attached to their order. Please read EVERYTHING you enter/type. Also, as always, monitor your credit/debit card so you are aware where every charge is coming from. I again have had WONDERFUL sucess with Vista Print so it has my personal thumbs up.


Jennifer said...

I use them all the time and love them!

Lauren Walters said...

Thanks for posting this!! I've been needing to get some business cards so I can start giving piano lessons.

pennyscents said...

I love Vista Print!

Wanderer247 said...
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