Monday, June 8, 2009

CVS Pampers Deal - HURRY

Update again: Man, they took the offer down. Still, I would do this deal and call corporate when you get home. Worse come to worse, you hold you receipt and return the pampers or keep them. I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY RECEIPT, nor using them until I get my ECBs.

IT IS NOT A HOAX - I called corporate...if your ECBs did not print or the manager would not fix the kink for you, call the CVS corproate line 1-888-607-4CVS (1-888-607-4287) - go the ECBs section via your phone selection and tell them it did not print. They will ask for a bunch of information from you (CVS card, receipt number, mailing address, etc. and your ECBs will be on there in 48 hours :) )

CVS Pampers Deal - Too Good to be True? - It appears NOT...
Many of you have probably seen the chat swirling the $3.99 Pampers this week at CVS. Sometimes when I see these amazing deals I like to go check before posting false news. I was able to get up this morning and do so. My manager shared with me this deal WAS a hoax and woudl not give me the ECBs. I bought anyway (holding my receipt in case of a return) went home and called corproate. Yeah for me, it was not a hoax and my ECBs will be put in my card in 48 hours.
The website link Here - NOW TAKEN DOWN. Print this out with you and take it to the store. I had to do a print screen (to do this, click the print screen button at the top right of you keyboard when you are on the site with Pampers deal) open a word document, paste it, and there you go. You will not have ALL of the screen but have enough to show the deal. I also pasted the web address.

Pampers $8.99 (get $5 ECBs)
use $1 or $2 coupons
= $1.99 - $2.99


jenna said...

this deal is awesome! can you explain an ecb? is it cash only to be used at CVS?

The Nuzzo Family said...

yes, an ECB is received after the transaction and it is CVS cash to be used only at CVS. Extra Care Bucks.

Jeremy said...

I just called CVS customer service, and they said that you can get the ECBs if you made the purchase before 10 a.m. today.

April and Doug said...

I made my purchase yesterday, and called them and they are crediting my card within 48 hours. If it's not credited, I'll just call them back! :) Happily of course

Anonymous said...

I called CVS today and made the selection to talk to someone about ECBs. I mentioned how the ad was no longer up and they said the offer was good all week. If you have problems getting the ECBs through the store, call and they will make sure you get them. There is a limit of 3 offers. I'm sending my husband out later, so we'll see how it goes.

Koenig Family Updates said...

I just went to CVS, bought my Pampers, and did not receive any ECBs. I called the number and they said that CVS has suspended this program for right now because of computer problems and they will not be crediting our cards. They also said to keep watching because they may reinstate it. :(

Heather said...

Corporate was great when I called this morning. I said I bought pampers and she was on the ball and ready to assist me in getting the $5 credited to my card. I'll be going back to get two more packs.

Julia said...

I went and did not make a purchase because they weren't even on sale at my location for $8.99, they are the regular $13.99.

Julia @ The Frugal Find