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I still love it so I still promote it.
Go Here to get started. Deal
-Make a purchase of $49 or more and get free 2-day shipping, no code required
-Get an extra $10 off your first diaper order by entering the following referral code: DIAPERSV(think diaper save). This is for first time only purchase.
-Get either a FREE year subscription to Parenting magazine or a $14.97 rebate (I would go with the rebate. You will find FREE Parent magazines all the time.) You will see the information you need at the bottom of the order summary (in your cart.) Make sure to read the details. Details shown Here for more on the rebate offer. You DO NEED to submit that form if you want the rebate!
My Scenerio
-1 Pack Huggies Snug and Dry Extra Large Case- Size 1 -2 (228 diapers) $39.99
-1 Pack Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Pack - Size 1 (50 diapers) $9.99
= Total: $49.98
$10 off with code DIAPERSV
Total after code = $39.98
$14.97 refund - Mail in Rebate offer (make sure to fill out this information.)
Total after code and refund = $25.01
Divide $25.01 by 278 (the number of diapers purchased) and that is ONLY $.09 a diaper! Choose to forgo the rebate and keep the Parenting magazine and it is only $.14 a diaper - still a great deal!
Delivery should take around 2 business days.

Go Here to get started.
You can also create your own scenario - just make sure you have $49 or more dollars for FREE shipping and diapers in your cart. Currently there is an ecoupon for Pampers ($1 off.) You have to check the box when you order the diapers (during the selection phase.)
DON'T FORGET: price matches. I have always purchased my products and called back to get credit/money back for every order I have done. I have found cheaper prices on the internet. This is counter active to their FREE shipping - keep that in mind. Still, I have always gotten a reduced price buy researching around - you can do this before or after your order. I do it after to give me time to look around.

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Jessica said...

Thanks so much for posting this deal! My daughter is 13 months old and in size 4 diapers so I can never get quite as good of a deal per diaper. I usually stick with buying my walmart diapers at $.15/diaper. With the $14.97 refund my diapers are going to be $.14/diaper! Thank you so much for helping me to save money!